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Political Bulletin – 20 to 24/11

Political Bulletin – Dominium Consultoria
Week of 20 to 24/11

🔷 LOWER HOUSE: 10 Provisional Measures lock the agenda in House Plenary, including those about the mining segment (789 and 790/17), which expires on 28/11. The Plenary will also try to complete voting on public safety bills.
🔹 Special Jurisdiction: the CCJC will have an extraordinary meeting on the 22 to discuss the PEC 333/2017, which extinguish the special jurisdiction by prerogative of function in the case of common crimes, except for the presidents of the Republic, the House Speaker and the Presidents of the Federal Senate and of the Supreme Court. The text, of authorship of the senator Álvaro Dias, still needs to be analyzed by a Special Commission
🔹 Abortion: another controversial proposal that should be debated this week is the PEC 181/2015, which initially extended the period of maternity leave in cases of premature birth, but was changed which ends up prohibiting abortion in any situation.

🔷 SENATE: highlight to the Bill 345/17, which establishes the mixed district vote in the proportional elections, and the Bill 147/15 which allocates to the National Health Fund (FNS) money collected from taxes on drugs and tobacco derivatives.
🔹 CCJ: focus on the public safety agenda, such as PDS 175/17 which “calls for a referendum to revoke the Disarmament Statute.” Can also be analyzed the Bill 186/14, which legalizes the gambling.

🔷 MINISTERIAL REFORM: the government should also announce this week new changes to the ministerial team. Among them, the Ministry of Cities, who, behind the scenes, should stay with Deputy Alexandre Baldy.

🔷 STF – LAVA-JATO: the STF Plenary analyses on Thursday (23) the HC filed by former minister Antônio Palocci, arrested since September 2016 by a decision of federal judge Sérgio Moro. The HC was denied at the outset by the rapporteur, Min. Edson Fachin, and was brought to the Plenary because of the relevance of the involved. This will be the first HC judged in the Plenary and may set the standard of the 11 ministers on provisional liberty.
🔹 STF – Special Jurisdiction: the STF will also judge the extension of the special jurisdiction to authorities.

🔷 PF: the new Federal Police general director, Fernando Segovia, took office this morning, replacing Leandro Daiello.

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