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Institutional and Governmental Affairs

The Institutional and Governmental Affairs practices allow companies, associations, unions and other entities to partake in discussion forums, together with the civil society and public authorities, enabling them to increase the dialogue, the relationship, and its participation.

The field can be separated between governmental and nongovernmental activities. While the nongovernmental relations take place between companies and representative associations, the governmental ones focus on its relationship with public figures from the three branches. The Corporate Affairs activities, in its two forms, is of fundamental relevance to the strategic planning of a company, once only after a precise overlook of the political and institutional landscape, it will be possible to make a qualified decision.

Over the last few years, the field of Institutional and Governmental Affairs have grownexponentially in Brazil, as professionals from other segments have noticed the relevance of the practices for its business and strategies. DOMINIUM is qualified to provide its clients with excellence, as it counts with qualified professionals and undertakes the compromise with the ethical requirements the field demands.

DOMINIUM is a member of the Brazilian Association of Institutional and Governmental Affairs (ABRIIIG), an entity founded in 2007 with the purpose of debating the activity nationally.

Having a broad number of associates, ABRIG developed the first Code of Conduct of the Professional of Institutional and Governmental Affairs and launched in 2016 the Brazilian Magazine of Governmental Affairs, the first of the segment in the world.

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