Week of 31/07 – 04/08

Political Bulletin – Dominium Consultancy

Week of 31/07 – 04/08

🔷 END OF LEGISLATIVE RECESS: The National Congress resumes on Tuesday (1/8) its work with 22 pending Provisional Measures, but the attention will be directed to the voting on the denouncement against the President.

🔷 DENOUNCEMENT AGAINST TEMER: after approving the report contrary to the denouncement at the Committee on Constitution and Justice (CCJC) on the 14th, the proceedings appear on the agenda of the House’s Plenary on Wednesday (2), as the single item of the meeting scheduled for the 9am. It will require a quorum of 52 deputies to open the session, but it is believed that the House Speaker will wait a greater quorum to start. Once it begins, the rapporteur Paulo Abi-Ackel (PSDB-MG) will speak for 25 min, followed by Temer or his lawyer, for another 25 min. Afterwards 4 representative will have time to speak, 2 against and 2 favorable to the denouncement. The vote can only be initiated with a presence of 342 Reps. and will require 342 votes against the report to authorize by the trial by the STF. Rodrigo Maia believes that there will be a quorum to be voted on Wednesday.

🔹 Planalto’s Assessment: Planalto estimates that Temer will have at least 230 votes in favor of the report rejecting the denouncement. In spite of being a sufficient number to stop the process, it is sought to build a larger score, around 300 deputies, aiming to in addition to rejecting a complaint, show a strength of the allied base and increase confidence in the approval of the reforms. Once rejected by the House Plenary, it is possible that the General Prosecutor will file at least one new complaint, also based on the denunciation of the owners of the company JBS, for obstruction of justice or participation in a criminal organization.

🔹 Plenary: in addition to the complaint, the House has sessions scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday with normal agenda, including deputies, bills and applications. However, it is believed that with the vote of the denouncement there will be no space for other matters to advance.

🔹 Political Reform: the political reform committee will meet on Thursday (3) to vote on the report of the rep. Vicente Cândido (PT-SP), which deals with election rules and the campaign sector.


🔷 FEDERAL SENATE: with the end of the recess, Party leaders will meet to set a voting agenda for the coming weeks.


🔷 LAVA-JATO: with the end of the recess of the superior courts, the STF resumes its works with the testimony of the former president of Petrobras José Sérgio Gabrielli in the criminal action prosecuted against the senator and national president of the PT, Gleisi Hoffmann, and her husband, former Planning Minister Paulo Bernardo.


🔷 MINISTER OF HEALTH: After controversial statements made by the Minister of Health, Ricardo Barros, doctors organize on Wednesday in Brasilia, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, protests demanding the Minister’s resignation.