Political Bulletin 28/08 – 01/09

Political Bulletin – Week of 28/08 – 01/09

🔷 LOWER HOUSE: this week’s agenda will be focused on the vote of MP 777/2017 (which changes interest rates on loans granted by BNDES) and Political Reform (PEC 77/2003). In the last week both proposals were in the agenda but were unable to finalize the vote. With Temer’s trip to China and lack of consensus regarding the party fund, the vote on political reform could be postponed again.

🔹 Political Reform: Parallel to the Plenary, the Special Committee on Political Reform may vote the report of dep. Vicente Candido (PT-SP), which regulates the public financing of campaigns, establishes ceiling of expenses for the campaigns, limits the maximum value of donations per individual. However, there is resistance in the collegiate not to vote the report before a clear result in the House Plenary.


🔷 SENATE: in the face of the stalemate in the Lower House, senators try to move forward with alternative proposals to fund campaigns through sen. Ronaldo Caiado (DEM-GO) Bill that creates a fund with resources that would be made available for the purpose of promoting partisan advertisements and free election time on commercial radios and TVs.


🔷 NATIONAL CONGRESS: is scheduled for Tuesday a session of the National Congress to analyze presidential vetoes to 16 bills. The session was scheduled for last week but was postponed because of the House Plenary votes.


🔷 BRICS: President Temer travels to China to attend the BRICS meeting where he will also meet with authorities and investors. The delegation accompanying the President has been reduced and ministers Henrique Meirelles (Finance), Moreira Franco (General Secretariat) and Eliseu Padilha (Civil Cabinet) will remain in Brazil to negotiate the approval of the measures in the Congress.


🔷 ELETROBRÁS: on Wednesday (30) unions in the electricity sector meet in Brasilia to discuss the calendar of protest to be held in September against the privatization of Eletrobras.


🔷 STF – Lava-Jato: the second class of the STF must judge on Tuesday (29) the report of Justice Fachin about the investigation against 7 members of the PP under the Lava-Jato. The parliamentarians are accused of alleged crimes of passive corruption and money laundering in facts related to Petrobras.