Political Bulletin – 25 to 29/09

Political Bulletin – Dominium Consultancy

Week of 25-29 / 09


DENOUNCEMENT AGAINST TEMER: the second denouncement against President Temer, accused of a criminal organization and obstruction of justice, should be read in Plenary this Tuesday (26). Afterward, the House Speaker, Rodrigo Maia, will notify Temer and send the denouncement to the Committee on Constitution Affairs (CCJ). On Tuesday the President of the CCJC should indicate the rapporteur, that the Government already works to be someone aligning with the Gov. The President will have 10 sessions to present his defense but must submit before the deadline. The Government’s objective is for the denouncement to be voted on as soon as possible so that the House’s agenda continues to advance, especially the social welfare reform. The complaint is expected to be voted until the end of October. As for the scoreboard, it is expected that the main floor will stop the denouncement, but possibly with fewer votes. The government is more worn out and with fewer exchange coins to gather support.


LOWER HOUSE: in parallel to the denouncement, the plenary will try to finish voting the political reform, PEC 282/2016, which ends the coalitions in the elections for 2020 and establishes a barrier clause. The representatives will also try to vote PL 8612/17, which promotes wide reform in the political-electoral laws, coming from the Special Committee on Political Reform. Lastly, the plenary will also attempt to finalize the analysis of MP 783/17, which establishes the new Refis.


SENATE: Plenary can vote on its own proposal for political reform, PLS 206/2017, by Senator Ronaldo Caiado (DEM-GO), which, among other points, creates the Special Fund for Campaign Financing. Also on the agenda is an urgent request for the bill 28/17 that regulates individual remunerated transportation services through applications such as Uber, 99 and Cabify. Applications have been working to reject the project.


STF – LAVA-JATO: STF will judge Senator Aécio Neves’s (PSDB-MG) arrest warrant in the event of a $ 2 million payment made by J & F to people connected to the senator. The decision was postponed last week at the request of the Senator’s defense. The tendency is for the class to follow the rapporteur and deny the arrest warrant.


CEMIG: the auction of the old Cemig hydroelectric plants (Jaguara, São Simão, Miranda and Volta Grande) is scheduled for Wednesday (27). The government intends to raise $ 11 billion from the sale, but Cemig continues to try to suspend the auction. On Monday, Cemig filed a new injunction at the STF requesting the suspension of the auction so that they can negotiate with the Union to extend the concession of 4 plants. The privatization is part of the PPI and seeks to attract investment.