Political Bulletin Week of 02-06/10

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Week of 02-06/10


DENOUNCEMENT AGAINST TEMER: Throughout the week, the President of the Republic must intensify contact with parliamentarians and allies to seek support to stop the denunciation at the Lower House. The Government officials believe that Temer will deliver his defense until Wednesday (04th) to the Committee on Constitutional Affairs (CCJ). During the weekend, Temer met with his new lawyer in São Paulo to discuss his defense. Temer also met with ministers to analyze economic indicators, a point that should be used in defense to convince parliamentarians.


LOWER HOUSE: Deputies will meet this Monday in an extraordinary session to try to vote on the political reform bill that, among other things, establishes the fund to finance electoral campaigns. In order for it to be valid in 2018, the measure must be approved by Friday (06th). The House still has to finalize this week the vote on Provisional Measure 783/17, which extends the program to refinance corporate and taxpayers’ tax debts (Refis), a measure of great importance to the Government.


SENATE: The Senate analyses on Tuesday (03) the decision of the STF that suspended sen. Aécio Neves (PSDB) from his position. The tendency is for the measure to be reversed, seeking to maintain the PSDB’s support in the denouncement against Temer in the House. However, the discussion may be postponed if Senator Eunício Oliveira decides to await the STF’s judgment in the lawsuit that foresees that the Congress may review any precautionary measure other than the prison imposed on Congressmen. The Senate may also vote on PEC 33/17, which prohibits partisan coalitions in proportional elections and establishes rules on political party access to party fund resources and the time of propaganda, approved last week by the House.


STF: The Federal Supreme Court (STF) judges this week a lawsuit presented last year by the PP, PSC and Solidarity Party so that judicial decisions that suspend the mandate of parliamentarians are submitted within 24 hours to the Congress, which will have to confirm the decision or reject it. The Court may also examine the possibility of autonomous candidacy, without the need for party affiliation.


PRIVATIZATION: two protests are being organized in Rio de Janeiro on Tuesday (03) against the privatizations announced by the Federal Government. Ex-President Lula is expected to participate in the walk promoted by Popular Front Brazil.