Political Bulletin – 09 -13/10

Political Bulletin – Dominium Consultancy

Week of 09-13/10


🔷 LOWER HOUSE: this week’s focus will be on the presentation of the report of Rep. Bonifácio de Andrada (PSDB-MG) about the denunciation against President Temer and Ministers Moreira Franco and Eliseu Padilha. The report should be read on Tuesday (10th) and then the defendants will be entitled to equal time to set out their arguments. As a request for more time is expected, the CCJ’s discussion should only begin next week. Considering the deadlines, it is probable that until next week the CCJC will finish the vote on the complaint and send it to the Plenary.


🔷 SENATE: after passing the deadline for approving electoral changes for it to be valid in the 2018 elections, the Senators will try to vote the project that establishes the electoral system in the mixed district model, to be applied only in 2020. Senators will also pay attention to the STF decision on the possibility of the Congress review any precautionary measure other than the imprisonment imposed on members of the Legislature.


🔷 STF: the STF judges a Direct Action of Unconstitutionality presented last year by the PP, PSC and Solidarity so that the court considers the possibility of Congress reviewing, within 24 hours, any preventive measure different from the prison imposed on deputies and senators, such as suspension of the term and house arrest. The ruling could have a direct impact on the case of Senator Aécio Neves. The STF may also judge constitutionality over the law establishing the new Forest Code.