Political Bulletin – Week of 23-27/10

Political Bulletin – Dominium Consultancy
Week of 23-27/10

🔷 LOWER HOUSE: This week, the focus will be the vote of the denouncement against President Temer and two of his ministers, scheduled for Wednesday (25). The government should increase the efforts to secure the support of the allies, which counts on the support of eight dismissed last week to help negotiate with the Representatives. To stop the denouncement and avoid an analysis by the Supreme Court, the government must avoid that the opposition reaches 342 favorable votes. If no new facts come to light, the denouncement will likely be rejected.

🔷 SENATE: with a quiet week after the vote that suspended the precautionary measures imposed against Senator Aécio Neves, the Senate’s Plenary has on the agenda several projects related to public safety, in addition to PLS 345/2017 that deals with the mixed district vote.
🔹 Uber: the CCT can vote projects that regulate the private transportation of passengers with the use of applications, such as Uber. The proposals were ready for voting in the Plenary on Wednesday (18th), but there was no consensus among the senators.

🔷 NATIONAL CONGRESS: Deputies and senators will be meeting on Tuesday (24th) to analyze presidential vetoes. The vetoes to the LDO, the MP of RECINE and others should be voted on.
🔹 JBS CPMI: The Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry of JBS hears testimony from Ricardo Saud, former director of the company.

🔷 FISCAL ADJUSTMENT: After the vote of the complaint is concluded on Wednesday, the Government may send tax adjustment measures to Congress this week. The economic team counts on the measures to close the Budget of 2018. Among the subjects are the suspension of the readjustment of the servers, the increase of the social security contribution of the servers from 11% to 14% and the equalization of the model of taxation of closed-end investment funds with the open funds.