Political Bulletin – Week of November 06-10

Political Bulletin –Dominium Consultoria
Week of November 06-10

🔷 LOWER HOUSE: Bearing in mind the holiday next week, the House Speaker convened plenary sessions from Monday to Friday during the week. The agenda will focus on the voting of public security bills and the PEC 70/11 that changes the procedure for Provisional Measures. In addition to these bills, there are 7 MPs that must move the week, among them are the MPs of mining (789, 790 and 791/17), seen with priority by the Government.


🔷 SENATE: with a quieter week and empty agenda, Senators can vote on Bill 55/15 which reduces ICMS on aviation fuel, in addition to proposals that address breast cancer. The focus of the week should be the vote of the FIES MP (785), which will expire on 17/11.


🔷 CONGRESS: after the congress session was canceled last week, Deputies and Senators are expected to meet on Tuesday (07) to examine 7 presidential vetoes and 14 projects that authorize budget credits to ministries and public agencies, which amount to almost BRL 1, 5 billion.

🔹 CPMI JBS: Wesley Batista, owner of the J&F group, testifies on Wednesday (8) to the Parliamentary Inquiry Commission investigating JBS.


🔷 COP 23: the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP 23) begins today (6) in Bonn, Germany. The conference, which will take place until November 17, will focus on ways to promote the terms of the Paris Agreement. The most controversial point comes from the United States, which has announced that it will leave the Agreement. Brazil comes to the meeting with setbacks, with greenhouse gas emissions rising by 9% in 2016 and increase in deforestation in the Amazon.


🔷 ELETROBRAS: Temer meets with several Ministers this week aiming to close a proposal for the privatization of Eletrobras.